I tried to buy two front doors, every single step of the process has been a disaster. The company that was supposed to measure ignored five calls and four voice mail messages so I had to call Home Depot again to get them to come out. Once measurements were taken I started getting voice mails urging me to come pick out the door so I called to ask for more time as I hadn't selected a door. No one knew why I was getting these calls but I was told someone would contact me within 2 days with a full update of what was happening. This call never came so tonight I drove a half hour to the store and exercised as much patience as possible as over the past hour of being in the store no one could tell me anything in terms of what was happening and which doors I might need. I went to get more help at customer Service they sent manager Scott who could not have been less helpful if he tried. Seemed legitimately annoyed offered no assistance just sort of shrugged his shoulders saying he didn't know if he could help. Not even an apology for inconvenience and any sort of let me look into it and I'll get back to you. Just an utter and complete waste of my time with no effort to make appear that he cared about my business. I'm redoing my home, need to buy every kind of appliance and equipment on the market but this will be my last trip to Home Depot. I'm driving to Lowes now and I will be sure to tell everyone I know how helpful your staff was after causing so much wasted time. "