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bnDv-Wpns profile pic
bnDv-Wpns Made a review for ·
21 hours ago
Their literal website and tech support is horrible right now, especially during covid
They have coupons that dont work. The coupon is for free shipping and it says its applied, then they charge 9 dollars for shipping. I'm so jaded from things not working correctly and the "errors" being in the always being in the company's' favor for more money. They're online chat support is offline right now, and damn them for making me call in to complain over this. It seems all I can ever get done in a day is talking to tech support or help to tell them how they've effed up something else somewhere else again and are stealing my money and others' money.
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e3ebnR1Pe profile pic
e3ebnR1Pe Made a review for ·
2 days ago
Jul 11, 2020 04:08:57 PDT Transaction ID: 39785745SL966144V Bori Boy Cut Synthetic Capless Wig Item# nwa1407131 $
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Ewok profile pic
Ewok Made a review for ·
6 days ago
Great product I give it 5 starts Awsome
I would definitely buy this item again I am trying to do the Feedback it says if I leave my feedback that I will get a free four port USB smart phone fast charger I hope I do receive it if there’s any issues you can always email me back to let me know how to do it correctly if I did it wrong but I am very happy with my products
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allisont profile pic
allisont Made a review for ·
16 days ago
The Good the Bad and the Ugly!
HexRPG is a Harry Potter fan site. It's a lot of fun, and I've met many wonderful people on it. The problem is how they handle the inevitable personal conflicts that arise. Someone roleplaying as an enslaved black girl described her "masters" as "very nice" and the moderators refused to step in and say how unacceptably racist that was. A trans man was sexually harassed by another user, who also harassed many others both sexually and emotionally, but this user was allowed to continue on the site. Another trans man was attacked for being trans, but has been disciplined for the "negative tone" with which he spoke out against this injustice. An eleven year old girl was harassed so badly that she had nightmares and she's afraid to leave certain areas of the site that a certain user can't get into. Hex has a policy against "shaming" other users for their negative actions. Unfortunately this leads to a code of silence whereby multiple people were sexually harassed by one user, but they were too afraid to speak about it publicly, and nothing was done by staff. This went on for months. It also means that if a victim of harassment, transphobia, homophobia, or racism speaks out against their attacker, the *victim* would be punished under this rule. Until the site's terms of use are revamped and the shaming rule in particular is completely dismantled, Hex is not a safe site. I hope that changes soon, because I really do love it, and I think most of the people there are caring.
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MordecaiVergilsson profile pic
MordecaiVergilsson Made a review for ·
16 days ago
Transphobia Rampant, as well as review fluffing.
On other review sites, forum moderators for HEXRPG are boosting the site with 5 star ratings in response to anyone speaking out against transphobia. It took a month for a user that told multiple people to kill themselves and that they were going to Hell to be banned, and she was only banned because she said negative things about the site. It took 26 hours to decide if transphobia was really transphobia, and it is currently taking almost 2 weeks to decide if deadnaming someone is bullying. People are threatened with expulsion from the site for speaking out. Staff/forum mods are paid in galleons to leave positive reviews. This website is not safe for anyone LGBT+.
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Jsselner profile pic
Jsselner Made a review for ·
a month ago
Ordered scooter battery for Honda scooter
Excellent. From ordering to receiving a great product. Only problem was with FedEx which is not their problem.
0 0
tandrace profile pic
tandrace Made a review for ·
a month ago
Need Biz Assist is an Online- Informational Site
This is a great site, for those interested in learning lots about affiliate marketing, or working or starting an online business. The sole purpose, is to assist, help newbies and provide them accessibility to learn more.
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Blithe profile pic
Blithe Made a review for ·
2 months ago
Omnipotent digitalized instrument
Thephotoelectric OxyhemoglobinInspetion Technology is close toa blissful experience
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uw1VNARGo profile pic
uw1VNARGo Made a review for ·
2 months ago
Love these guys. Dependable and skilled
Can't say enough about setmysite. I always get a quick response. They're the best webmasters I've worked with by far. Super talented and very friendly too. Love these guys
0 0
jim profile pic
jim Made a review for ·
2 months ago
oximeter delivered on time, well packaged includes case and strap.
very accurate compared with two other brands which had to be returned to amazon.
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H8fpl-2z2 profile pic
H8fpl-2z2 Made a review for ·
2 months ago
Excellent product and great company
Excellent product,well worth the money.Has provided relief for my shoulder and neck pain
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jlevine profile pic
jlevine Made a review for ·
2 months ago
Saved our website when it went down
These guys are incredibly knowledgeable and great to work with. We came to them in an emergency situation with our website down. Billy was awesome. He calmed me down and he asked me a number of questions. He took time to explain anything I didn't understand and really listened. He was able to fix our website's issues quickly when our main provider was hard to get ahold of and short on communication. We've recently switched to SetMySite to manage our website after they were able to get our website back online. We've been extremely pleased with that decision. They're responsive, quick, and have this great way of making you feel like family. I'm so happy we came across them. It's such a relief to know Bill and the guys are easy to get ahold of whether it's phone or email. The website's been in great shape with no issues since they took over and the edits we want are typically completed in a day or less. The customer service alone is worth every detail and their competency and talent is priceless. Best webmaster service hands down.
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Lettersfromthefire profile pic
Lettersfromthefire Made a review for ·
2 months ago
Best company we've worked with for lyric videos
Can't be happier with the video IGNITE made us. We had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted our lyric video to be, but Shane went above and beyond with what he created. The feedback from our fans about the video has been amazing. We will be back for sure.
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susieb profile pic
susieb Made a review for ·
2 months ago
Beware of them, it could happen to anyone
My advice to anyone, stay away from these new forex and binary option companies and to also withdraw all funds completely after making your first profits. I have been scammed severally by these companies. But I’m glad that I had all my money returned including all profits, thanks to an expert. You can reach me to relate for help if you’ve also lost money trading; Susiebell2009 {at} gmail, com
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b1k_TUaHk profile pic
b1k_TUaHk Made a review for ·
2 months ago
Not working at all, no customer service
Not working at all. After switching the region the BDP-93 powers up and becomes unresponsive. The only thing possible is to send it to standby again. After powering up again the player is still in the old region setting. Never got a response from them when I asked how the problem could be resolved
0 0
Pegacris profile pic
Pegacris Made a review for ·
2 months ago
Pulse oximeter review model JPD”-500E
I received this pulse oximeter on time and in excellent condition. I used it to monitor my asthma and while exercise walking. Works well and I like it
0 0
LisaHeath profile pic
LisaHeath Made a review for ·
2 months ago
DebSpecs is a wonderful company, great products and EXCELLENT customer service
I decided to grow up and buy real readers, not from the drug store. DebSpecs glasses are the utmost quality, with nice cases, etc. The company is the best. One pair (I thought) came in the wrong color. When I said I was sent the wrong color, they showed they shipped what I (in)correctly chose. Their OFFER in the email correcting me was to send me another pair in the correct color as a thank you for my patronage. Now that is incredible customer service. So rare these days. I will buy all my glasses there from now on and will convince my friends and family to do the same.
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Di pro profile pic
Di pro Made a review for ·
3 months ago
Extremely awesome and helpful in many ways . Love these
Awesome !!Great product!! I had other smart watches and borrowed my friends and just loved it so ordered 2for myself
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03umFBliW asked a question on ·
3 months ago
About IMEI blacklisted iPhone check
They gave me 3 different description on my IMEI status but really never told me if the phone was clean or blacklisted .... Continue Reading
2u0lsxS1Q profile pic
2u0lsxS1Q Made a review for ·
3 months ago
Finger Pulse Ox-meter Blood Oxygen
Great product, easy to read. I just received this and love the case that came with it.
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maggiea profile pic
maggiea Made a review for ·
3 months ago
It could have been worse, online trading is very risky
It can happen anyone, I also lost money in similar way. It has been really hard losing money to Binary Options and Cryptocurrency Trading. However, my money has now been recovered thanks to a Recovery Pro. You can reach me to share my experience. Maggiealder12 at gmail dot com
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