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brian profile pic
brian Made a review for ·
a day ago
testclear clear helped me pass the test
If it wasn't for them I would have been fired my job. Thanks
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HJMivURQm asked a question on ·
a month ago
Is ITz a legit company? .... Continue Reading
rJ5EhG_Xm profile pic
rJ5EhG_Xm Made a review for ·
a month ago
This is a review for staminaproducts
The product is really great. I have a lot of stamina
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antivirustechnicalservice asked a question on ·
2 months ago
Why choose Malwarebytes support?
Choosing Malwarebytes for the purpose of security management is nothing new. This advanced as well as effortless software has its own unique ranges of features as well as options. But, the biggest point of concern is to face some technical glitches with Malwarebytes. More info- More info- .... Continue Reading
Hk035dhRz profile pic
Hk035dhRz Made a review for ·
3 months ago
This product Hamilton Blender is defective because it failed to crush the ice in with my smoothie.In fact when I turned
it on smoke started coming from it and it turned off.
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SyYk9yqpM profile pic
SyYk9yqpM Made a review for ·
4 months ago
Scammers dont ever buy from them
There a scam i got my first dress wrong, email them and they told me to place another order for the same dress and they were foing to fully refund me for the firat one... that never happen...the second dress waa just as idious as the first one totally wrong and not what i have chosen...once again email rhem to complaint more the 3 times now and havent yet heard from them, i Spent over $600 and they wont even bother to reply back to me... this website is a scam dont purchase anything from them
0 0
dianar22 profile pic
dianar22 Made a review for ·
4 months ago
Worst Experience Ever / not recommended
Order a dress hoping to receive it as promised 7-12 days maybe 2 weeks its been over 6 weeks and not a single update , response from customer services or a simple respond to several mails NOT RECOMMENDED , wont ever buy again cant imagine if a refund is needed 👎👎 WORST EXPERIENCE ON LINE EVER
0 0
rkR08HFqf asked a question on ·
5 months ago
salary at wallmart
How is wallmart doing? .... Continue Reading
jordan b profile pic
jordan b Made a review for ·
7 months ago
0 0
innaalexandra profile pic
innaalexandra Made a review for ·
7 months ago
Adorable Clothes & It's Accessories
Genuine products at affordable price. Just purchased a Tuxedo Suit & Alligator Shoes, I got them on-time & products quality is awesome.
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H1Mv9F5mG profile pic
H1Mv9F5mG Made a review for ·
8 months ago
Great Company i would recommend to everyone
Great Company i would recommend to everyone. Please check out the site for yourself
0 0
Samuel Algiere profile pic
Samuel Algiere Made a review for ·
8 months ago
Eexclusive martial arts is A Grate school
My daughter started with Exclusive Marital Arts threw the school program and really enjoyed it they made the experience really fun for her and the other students. After the program we decided to do the 30 day trial at the studio after the program. She still loves it as is on her way to getting her black belt. The instructors and staff are awesome with the kids and very patient also. I recommend exclusive martial arts to anyone interested in putting their kids martial arts. Or themselves.
0 0
VRAL profile pic
VRAL Made a review for ·
9 months ago
Website and Logo wonder. Thank You x10000000
Beyond happy with my services from Liz Ryan Rocks. You did a great job and even better than I had hoped. How you handled our marketing was beyond professional. Thank You, we will be returning.
1 0
r1mlmGNkf asked a question on ·
9 months ago
rent movie
I ma the member of netflix, but forgot how to rent the movie. .... Continue Reading
BJq9Qvz1z profile pic
BJq9Qvz1z Made a review for ·
9 months ago
0 0
BJyydNGyz profile pic
BJyydNGyz Made a review for ·
9 months ago
Beware of a restocking fee if you return anything
I spent over $1,000 in computer parts from this business and when I went to return my keyboard because it was low quality, I was told there would be a $9.00 restocking fee because I opened the box. Really?! That fee should have been waived because of the amount of money I spent there. I will not buy from here again and I will not recommend it.
0 0
alica65 profile pic
alica65 Made a review for ·
9 months ago
Beware of the restocking fee for returns
I spent over $1,000 buying computer parts from this company. The man that is building my computer put together a list of things from this website, and I ordered them. When the keyboard got here, it was not to my expectations. Very cheaply made. I inquired about a return and was told they do not do exchanges, refunds only. I was sent a shipping label but was informed that there would be a $9.00 restocking fee because I opened the box. Really?! How am I supposed to know if I like it, unless I open the box?! Ridiculous. I will not be ordering from this company again and will not recommend it.
0 0
SJCIn4bkf profile pic
SJCIn4bkf Made a review for ·
9 months ago
Can NOT get an answer from customer service
Ordered 2 different items, have not received promised tracking number. And the package is 2 WEEKS LATE. No answer from Gearbest at all
0 0
Harry Samuel profile pic
Harry Samuel Made a review for ·
9 months ago
Defective items shipped from California but have to be returned to China
Okay I bought a vacuum 7 months ago they made me ship it back to China because it was defective even though it's shipped from California and I've never seen a dime as a refund I provided proof of Shipman proof of delivery tracking numbers and it cost 85 bucks to send it back to China send it to the address they provided and they still won't refund me my money So keep in mind anything you buy is throwing your money away if you have to return it
0 0
Dsg719 profile pic
Dsg719 Made a review for ·
9 months ago
Horrible Customer Service at Smithtown Home Depot
I wanted to purchase a new Entry Door. It was a special order but I wanted to have someone take measurements to make sure door would fit before purchasing. That process took 5 minutes and never heard from Home Depot again. I went to the store and they said measurements were not in. They never called me. I tried calling the store several times. Either no answer, transferred and the phone just kept ringing, or someone would take a message and I wouldn’t hear back. I contacted Customer relations and they said someone would contact me. They finally did but went down to the store and said I was no longer interested because of the the lack of service they were providing. No apology from the salesman named Bob. Just an excuse that he doesn’t know why no one contacted me and then we are busy. This was my second interaction with Bob when I went to store and he said he would call me when measurements were in. I truly expected Home Depot to have better representatives. The door, hardware and installation would have cost me over $2000. I guess that’s not enough money for Home Depot to give a crap. Word of mouth is the biggest advertisement and I will be sure to tell people not shop in your store unless they want to buy a paintbrush or lightbulb.
0 0
SynJwBpRZ profile pic
SynJwBpRZ Made a review for ·
10 months ago
poor service rep was to busy talking to fellow rep
on saturday i went to the local home depot after checking if the product was in stock on line . After looking in the plumbing department I went and ask an pair of reps in anyone was working in the area. After she called someone if there was help she said sorry and just walked away so I did the same thing out the door. if she was to busy i would not have a problem. but i feel she was to bust just with personal BS
0 0
BJUHW5sRb profile pic
BJUHW5sRb Made a review for ·
10 months ago
I have spent thousands of dollars on DVDs online courses and memberships with no success until Levels For Guitar
I can not believe how I found a step by step program which will take you from A to Z, and actually teach you everything you need to become a accomplished guitarist. What I like so much about Levels For Guitar is the lessons and how it's organized and structured. What I also noticed with this course is it cuts through all the filler content like other sites and teaches you the essential techniques that are necessary at becoming a well rounded guitarist. After trying multiple courses I know this one is the right one for me. Every lesson and the way they are structured and in the right order to lead you through each step is amazing. The first lessons are awesome and the alternating picking techniques are bar none the best I have ever seen. Each lesson keeps you motivated and in touch with the learning process and you become interested and have the desire to continue with each lesson. Jason Is a fantastic teacher and has the ability to capture your enthusiasm to practice to reach your next level. You never have to wonder what order or what to learn next because Jason does all that for you. From my experience with many other courses you get lost and frustrated from lack of direction and that is why I think so many quit playing guitar. Levels For Guitar is a breath of fresh air. Each day I can’t wait for my next lesson. Take it from me you will not be disappointed, you will be blown away with your new knowledge and things will just become easier each and every day.
0 0
Sue profile pic
Sue Made a review for ·
10 months ago
Did not take my 20% discount and tacked on extra $7.75+fee per ticket
Talked on line with rep. All they could say was 'Very sorry' that after you have paid, they will not honor discount. Even though their sight said ✅ SUCCESS! Rep blamed it on pc problem. I blame it on their site. I will go one more and say I bet they get the discount paid back to them any way. They are a rip off!
1 0
BJHSV3c0b profile pic
BJHSV3c0b Made a review for ·
10 months ago
Disgusted in Sunrise Florida. No one cares. Box office staff are Ticketmaster but would not refund money
Ticketmaster is a scam. Arrived 45 minutes ahead of start. 30 minutes into concert still waiting to get inside bb&t center. Box office would not refund money because purchased online. Called Ticketmaster 4 times. On hold for hours no compensation. Shut this company down. Boycott!!
1 0