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susieb profile pic
susieb Made a review for ·
17 hours ago
Beware of them, it could happen to anyone
My advice to anyone, stay away from these new forex and binary option companies and to also withdraw all funds completely after making your first profits. I have been scammed severally by these companies. But I’m glad that I had all my money returned including all profits, thanks to an expert. You can reach me to relate for help if you’ve also lost money trading; Susiebell2009 {at} gmail, com
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b1k_TUaHk profile pic
b1k_TUaHk Made a review for ·
a day ago
Not working at all, no customer service
Not working at all. After switching the region the BDP-93 powers up and becomes unresponsive. The only thing possible is to send it to standby again. After powering up again the player is still in the old region setting. Never got a response from them when I asked how the problem could be resolved
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Pegacris profile pic
Pegacris Made a review for ·
2 days ago
Pulse oximeter review model JPD”-500E
I received this pulse oximeter on time and in excellent condition. I used it to monitor my asthma and while exercise walking. Works well and I like it
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LisaHeath profile pic
LisaHeath Made a review for ·
7 days ago
DebSpecs is a wonderful company, great products and EXCELLENT customer service
I decided to grow up and buy real readers, not from the drug store. DebSpecs glasses are the utmost quality, with nice cases, etc. The company is the best. One pair (I thought) came in the wrong color. When I said I was sent the wrong color, they showed they shipped what I (in)correctly chose. Their OFFER in the email correcting me was to send me another pair in the correct color as a thank you for my patronage. Now that is incredible customer service. So rare these days. I will buy all my glasses there from now on and will convince my friends and family to do the same.
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Di pro profile pic
Di pro Made a review for ·
10 days ago
Extremely awesome and helpful in many ways . Love these
Awesome !!Great product!! I had other smart watches and borrowed my friends and just loved it so ordered 2for myself
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03umFBliW asked a question on ·
17 days ago
About IMEI blacklisted iPhone check
They gave me 3 different description on my IMEI status but really never told me if the phone was clean or blacklisted .... Continue Reading
2u0lsxS1Q profile pic
2u0lsxS1Q Made a review for ·
18 days ago
Finger Pulse Ox-meter Blood Oxygen
Great product, easy to read. I just received this and love the case that came with it.
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maggiea profile pic
maggiea Made a review for ·
a month ago
It could have been worse, online trading is very risky
It can happen anyone, I also lost money in similar way. It has been really hard losing money to Binary Options and Cryptocurrency Trading. However, my money has now been recovered thanks to a Recovery Pro. You can reach me to share my experience. Maggiealder12 at gmail dot com
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Lindalaboo profile pic
Lindalaboo Made a review for ·
3 months ago
Gurin accura pulse wrist cuff
Excellent blood pressure cuff works great great price
0 0
violin20 profile pic
violin20 Made a review for ·
3 months ago
This is the worst music company
This is the worst music company which I ever encountered with! Ridiculously, as a person who check the home page you won't be able to even find a contact us form or page in any how. I paid £109 for a year subscription and a few minutes after,I change my mind and asked for the refund.not even a single email while I sent them 3 message via pay-pal(the method that i paid by) .so now I have to follow up this issue via pay pal. After all the website has very unprofessional and hassle maker design. Please don't waste your penny on it.
0 0
4jeyUN3F1 profile pic
4jeyUN3F1 Made a review for ·
3 months ago
Flocksy has helped me scale my business!
I've been using Flocksy for over a year now and couldn't be happier. The team I have is skilled and quick to respond.
0 0
ldz_c2GZA profile pic
ldz_c2GZA Made a review for ·
4 months ago
Not the worst place but definitely not great
The people are nice if you get on their good side but they are very very very slow to respond and have pretty bad customer/user service
0 0
zoya asked a question on ·
4 months ago
post a free add
how to post a free add on this website .... Continue Reading
rTmbWR-J3 profile pic
rTmbWR-J3 Made a review for ·
5 months ago
Great great great great great and great
Time price quality sensitivity and caring also respectively
0 0
Alexie Tintos profile pic
Alexie Tintos Made a review for ·
8 months ago
Best shop ever. My hoodie came perfect
Really love their items. Very good customer service too
0 0
Fan profile pic
Fan Made a review for ·
8 months ago
DOPE website and DOPE music! Love it!
The site was easy to find and easy to find my way around. The music is HOT and reasonably priced. I can't wait to hear more music from Aziz!
0 0
parissama profile pic
parissama Made a review for ·
9 months ago
Now that's what i call customer service..
This representative handled my concerns more than well. I really like this website/company and look forward to building more of my wardrobe with you all! :-) -Paris Sama
0 0
lewis little profile pic
lewis little Made a review for ·
9 months ago
Fantastic Company!! love them
infinite92 is an amazing company. Not only do they have a plethora of products but their customer service is spectacular. They reply to my questions virtually on the spot and if I have an issues they immediately alleviate them for me. They are my go to for any EDM related clothing and then some. THANK YOU!!
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Timmy clark profile pic
Timmy clark Made a review for ·
9 months ago
Really good shirts, feels soft and good designs
I found this site off Facebook and i wanted to check out the designs. They always have a live representative to chat. Feels good to have good customer service and fast shipping
0 0
marie smith profile pic
marie smith Made a review for ·
9 months ago
You got to get theses shorts & matching hoodies !!! they are so cool and feels perfect to chill in
i saw them on instagram and i wanted to try them out. i place a order for a few shorts and matching hoodie. it came QUICK and when it came it was a perfect fit. i use two already for a day on the beach. Best shop to buy from. all my friends are going to buy
0 0
alex lopes profile pic
alex lopes Made a review for ·
9 months ago
VERY FAST SHIPPING and i really love their items. fast shipping
I order this hoodie and came in quick! looks perfect and now im ready for the fall season. thanks thomas for your help
0 0
0LvO8DvqA profile pic
0LvO8DvqA Made a review for ·
9 months ago
Worst clothing store ever never shopping here again
I ordered a pair of pants off this site and it was supposed to be here with in 3 to 5 business days, THAT WAS 3 MOTHS AGO... i called and wanted a refund and they don't accept refunds what type of website are they running if my kid couldnt even get what he wanted off this site they are very dissopointing to me and my friends they dont deserve there site if they arent going to send out on fucking order...
0 0